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One thing that’s predictable about technology is that it keeps changing at a rapid pace. That’s why it’s difficult for businesses to ignore IT concerns these days. Some of the emerging technologies that many firms now find themselves dealing with include artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) devices. Here are 8 key business trends to look for in 2020.


  1. Wider Adoption of Robots

The robot invasion is not a rumor from a sci-fi movie, it’s becoming a reality. But while Hollywood often paints AI in a negative light, robots are helping speed up redundant tasks. Some boring traditional jobs might be lost to this revolution, but companies will still need human analysts to monitor the data created by these machines.


  1. Tighter Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an issue that’s not about to go away any time soon. As cybercriminals constantly learn new methods to invade business networks, every business must make multilayered security measures to prevent costly breaches. More companies will sign on with managed services providers (MSPs) to manage their IT systems and help fight cybercrime.


  1. 3D Printers

Businesses will invest more in 3D printers, which help craft almost any physical product imaginable. These printers work like robots and assemble products based on programmed specifications. We see more of them in the medical and construction industries. 


  1. Diving Deeper into Nano-technology

Nano-technology involves the use of microscopic parts in electronic devices. This technology also interfaces with 3D printing and biological engineering, as developers work on printing human biological parts.


  1. More Mobile Workforces

More and more businesses will continue to move in the direction of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplace model. This idea allows companies to save enormous expenses on hardware and maintenance. The BYOD method also helps boost employee morale since it gives them a sense of choosing their own devices.


  1. Social Media Backlash

While social media is probably never going away, it’s no longer viewed as the adventurous wild west that it once was. Issues of privacy are now being debated in Congress, which may affect how the industry is structured and regulated.


  1. Advanced Machine Learning

One of the attractions to AI technology is machine learning, in which computer programs can generate analysis or decisions based on history and algorithms. Spotify, for example, uses machine learning to create playlists for listeners based on their historical preferences.


  1. Greener Solutions

Companies will continue to look for ways to reduce pollution and waste in the production process of making products. Sustainability is also playing into business efficiency, which is a major concern for investors. We will see this in “green” office buildings as well as in eco-friendly practices in the workplace.