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Each year there are over 1 billion international travelers. With all of the revenue these trips generate, it is no wonder that companies want to keep up to date with all of the latest changes in business travel. These are the top seven trends for business travel.


The Rise of Bleisure Travel

One of the biggest business travel trends is the use of bleisure travel. Especially common among younger workers, bleisure travel combines business with leisure. Workers add on an extra couple days of personal travel at the end or beginning of a business trip to make it easier to combine work and play.


Business Travel like a Local

The trend of local travel experiences for personal travel finally catches up with business travelers. Business travelers want to take clients to local restaurants and events instead of meeting at a hotel business center to experience the local culture.


Blending AI with Consumer Services

Companies increasingly rely on automation and AI to book corporate travel. When things go wrong on the road, it can be difficult for business travelers to know how to rebook. Implementing policies and services that blend AI with people-based services helps balance speed with individual needs.


Business Travel to Boost Creativity

Employees who travel for business see travel as a benefit, and companies find that it helps motivate their employees. Sending employees to go to professional events, conferences, or to spend time at a different branch can help employees come back home bursting with creative business ideas.


Increase in Ridesharing

The old way to get around on a business trip included taking an expensive taxi. A shuttle would be cheaper but take more time. Business travelers, especially Millennials, place greater emphasis on ridesharing programs like Uber and Lyft to get around on trips.


Day-rate Hotel Bookings

Hotels are finally responding to the short-term needs of business travelers. Travelers who arrive at their destination before the check-in time or are only in town during the day can still press their suits and take a nap at a nice hotel with day-rates.


Home Sharing for Business Travellers

In addition to hotels making short stays easier, home sharing can make longer stays less expensive and more comfortable. Apps and services, such as Airbnb, make it easy to book a luxurious apartment or house. Business travelers can get many of the same amenities as a hotel but in a more private environment.


The way people travel for business alters with the needs of travelers and the use of technology. These are some of the top trends that show how much the once stale world of business travel continues to change.