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Traveling for business can be exhausting. There is generally little time for rest and relaxation. They key to successful business travel is to be extremely efficient. Here are seven travel tips that can make your next business trip easier.

  1. Address Your Paperwork

Make sure your passport is up to date well before your trip. Have another photo ID in your wallet or carry-on. Be prepared for airport security by packing all of your liquids in a separate transparent bag to save time getting them out. Make copies of your passport, IDs, visas, etc. Pack one set of copies in a bag that is separate from the originals. Also, leave a set with a relative or close friend.

  1. Plan for the Unexpected

Load up your debit card with extra cash in case anything should come up, such as missing a connection and having to pay for another flight. Arrive at the airport or train station early so that you have time to deal with any delays, cancellations, or missed flights or trains. Travel insurance is often worth the small fee just in case an airline refuses to accommodate you or you have a medical emergency, especially in a foreign country.

  1. Pack Cleverly

You can save time and money by packing two carry-on bags to avoid baggage check. An overhead bag can have wrinkle resistant clothing that can be rolled or folded tightly. Separates work well for changing up outfits. Accessories can easily dress you up. Plus, have all of your medications in this bag.

An under the seat bag can be a slim briefcase or laptop case that you can take to meetings. Women can place a foldable soft handbag in this case. Make sure your bag has chargers for your mobile devices and flash drives with your data or presentation materials backed up.

  1. Arrange for Ground Transportation

If your company will pay for transportation to the Airport or train station, book a car or taxi. Driving, paying for long-term parking, and using public transport to get you to and from the parking lot is time consuming.

  1. Stay Healthy

Keep well hydrated with plenty of filtered water. Arrive early enough so that you can relax before your first meeting, especially if crossing time zones. Stay away from processed foods if possible. Try to eat fresh produce and minimise alcohol intake. Choose a hotel with a fitness centre for a simple 30 minute pre-breakfast workout. Be sure to get plenty of sleep!

  1. Be Safe

Check out your destination before you go and honour the local customs so as not to draw attention or offend anyone. Carry your cash, cards, IDs, phone, etc. in a bag or pocket that is well secured. Use the hotel room safe to lock up valuables and paperwork.

  1. Repack the Basics when You Get Home

In the days after returning home, replenish your toiletries kit with the basic necessities for your next trip.