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When you are forming your startup, you will need the right tools to keep pace with your larger counterparts. This means using smart business apps. The right ones will help you work efficiently and quickly. There are number of new apps this year, but here are few that stand out:

  1. Wave — This accounting software platform is great for businesses just starting out with just a few employees (e.g. you and your partner). It takes care of tracking sales and expenses, creating and sending invoices, managing payroll, getting paid and deposits and more. All of their products work seamlessly together. There is pricing for some of the products.
  2. Fuze — If you are big on videoconferencing or have remote employees, this app is for you. Fuze is a UC solution with a platform that revolutionizes the way customers and employees connect. It offers a secure platform for voice, collaboration, video and messaging — all in a single application.
  3. RescueTime — We all need to make better use of our time. And this app will help you do this. It tracks the time you spend on applications and websites. It will send you alerts if you are spending too much time on an activity.
  4. Asana — This is a great app for managing your tasks as well as those of your employees. You can plan your work day, follow your progress on daily tasks and visually map out projects (e.g. risks and deadlines). This visual app will help you stay on target and achieve goals.
  5. Pocket — This app was made for people who don’t have time to read what they have come across on the Internet at that moment. Instead of bookmarking it, you can just save it on Pocket. You can save videos, blogs, articles … etc. from any publication or app. Best of all, you can view the content from any device — and offline.
  6. Streak — If you need a CRM that integrates with your Gmail, Streak is for you. It captures data from emails and contacts, so you can organize your customers via a timeline (e.g. when you first met a potential customer). You can share your emails, notes and calls with your team, so they can pick up where you left off. Now, nothing gets dropped in the pipeline.

Gone are the days where a small business had to rely solely on one device or suite of programs to get the most out of a work day. Now, small business owners can work anywhere and on any device, using only a handful of apps. And these apps offer free products and/or have affordable pricing.