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Craig Dangar

Principal Consultant of C&D Restructure and Taxation Advisory

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Craig Dangar brings an insight of excellence into the industry of taxation and restructuring. He thrives on working closely with business owners and is comfortable and willing to take a hands-on approach to strategic leadership when needed. Solutions and results driven, Craig’s ability to understand, relay, and fix difficult financial concepts is evident throughout the entire team of C&D, something that shows through in the business’s ability to find solutions in the areas so many often overlook.

Craig Dangar’s Story

C&D Restructure and Taxation Advisory

Owner|Principal Consultant

The firm was established primarily to assist a large motel operator with day to day functions and
liaison with the wide group of tenants. Since that time the firm has developed into a broad based
taxation consulting and restructure firm. At present the firm assists eight accounting firms and two

legal firms offering commercial consulting advice and specialist taxation support.

Nexia Brisbane

Tax Consultant

The firm is a mid tier accounting practice based in Brisbane. The role was as a senior taxation
consultant to the partners within the firm, this was a part time role. I have retained an ongoing
engagement with the firm since the conclusion of the consulting agreement.


Senior Advisor

The company is a medium to large wholesale enterprises, focused on the butchery industry, with a
geographic spread from northern NSW through Queensland. The business is family owned, the
members active in management roles within the business.